Geriatrics and Long term care
Fresno Long Term group was established by Dr. Sidhu to serve in
field of Geriatrics and long term care, which traditionally has been left
under-served by health care Industry and physicians. Dr. Sidhu not
only provides quality health care but also he makes an extra effort to
educate geriatric population on how to prevent diseases. He is serving
the Nursing Homes patients through number of years and he is very
well versed with difficulties and problems faced by Nursing patients
and their relatives.
Dr. Sidhu always take time out for family members of patients to
discuss their medical condition and is always available through phone
and other mediums for consultation. As Dr. Sidhu also has Clinic
practice, patients which have been discharged from Nursing homes
can continue with Dr. Sidhu even after discharge from the Nursing
Home Facility.  

Dr. Sidhu's background and experience in Long Term Care has also
earned him position of Medical Director at many Nursing Home

Please click for list of Nursing Home Facilities visited by Dr. Sidhu.
Fresno Long Term Care Medical Group